Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation of a reservation is governed by the current regulations established by the “Tourism Department” of the Principality of Asturias.
  • If the customer does not arrive before 10:00 PM on the scheduled day for the start of the stay, the reservation will be considered canceled and cannot be postponed to another day (unless agreed upon with the owner).
  • At any time, the user may cancel the reservation made, with the right to a refund of the amounts paid. However, when the cancellation is communicated more than seven but less than fifteen days in advance of the scheduled occupation date, the establishment owner may retain 50% of the deposit amount, or the entire amount if the communication is made within seven days prior to said date.
  • However, according to our “reservation cancellation policy,” we provide a full refund of the reservation if the cancellation notice is given more than seven days before the contracted entry date. If the notice is within the last seven days, that reservation amount is left on deposit for a possible change of dates, being able to make another reservation within one year from the canceled entry date and cannot be used in the months of “June (second half), July, August, September, Easter, national holidays, and Christmas.” Additionally, it must be for at least the same number of days as the canceled reservation. It should also be noted that the dates for this type of reservation that is on deposit may be occupied by other clients, staff holidays, or maintenance work (it is advisable to inquire beforehand to know the status of the apartment), so in this way, the customer always has the possibility of not considering the previously delivered amount lost.
  • Canceled reservations are completely “non-transferable and personal,” meaning that the owner of a canceled reservation cannot pass it on to another person (family, friends), under any circumstances.

Mandatory Coexistence Rules

Accommodation in the apartment will not be allowed for a number exceeding the contracted amount, nor exceed at any time four people plus a baby in a crib who is not over two years of age.

The apartments do not have daily cleaning service, but they do have basic cleaning supplies available.

Pets are not allowed on the entire premises.

Parties and loud music are not allowed. There are coexistence rules with the neighbors of the other apartments; our accommodation is focused on a stay based on tranquility and enjoyment among friends and family.

In case of damage to the apartment due to misuse or abuse, these will be claimed from the reservation holder.

In case of early departure, there will be no right to a refund of the amount.

The use of our facilities and services for electric vehicle charging is not allowed.